What would Eddie Huang think of Centreville, VA?

Centreville, VA is a blossoming city 40 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. As a native Washingtonian, I hated the suburbs. A place where the bus comes once an hour, and only at certain times of the day. (Metro accessible? Nope not here.)

After moving here a couple of years ago during college, I became accustomed to the long travel distances. Although, the absence of police sirens and crime was a nice refreshing change from the city. It is truly a privilege to be able to leave the car door unlocked, (of course if you forget) and not worry about someone taking your iPod or carjacking you.

When people think of the suburbs and I too am guilty of this, they think of white people. That is not the case in here in Centreville. There are so many diverse cultures within this place and all of our shopping centers and restaurants reflect this unique aspect. My neighbors are Persian, Korean, Chinese, American, African, Indian, and Pakistani to name a few. In order to cater to the demographics, locals have opened restaurants to serve their communities respectively while providing opportunities for Americans like me to experience authentic and GOOD food.

Jireh Korean Bakery-Anything: My favorite: Sausage Egg and Cheese on a Crepe

Preet Palace-Anything: My favorite Chicken Palak (Spinach Curry)+Samosas

Honey Pig (Korean Barbecue)-Anything: My favorite Bulgolgi

Dulce Crepe-Anything: I like to enjoy some white wine in the morning with my crepe. Another reason why they are awesome because they serve alcohol.

BOMBAY CAFE- Yes, their name deserves to be in all caps because they are truly the bomb and very special! Talk about a bang for your buck. You receive Chipotle size portions for only $6. And for authentic, well-seasoned Indian food that is a steal in my book.

Not to mention, there is a relatively new ice cream shop with a Korean spin that I have yet to try called. I’ll be sure to update my post once I try it but my father highly recommends, which is why it still made the list.

You want the best Long Island Ice Tea, head to Glory Days and the bar food is actually good. Watching the match off between Durant, Curry and LeBron with my father and our community was sublime.

dc EH

All in all, I think Eddie Huang would enjoy this place and would be proud of the cultural fusion that is going on outside DC, a former stomping ground of his. If he only knew to look outside of DC (just 40 minutes away lol), I think he would be surprised and slightly disappointed that he missed this. Unfortunately, he could not squeeze us in his would his DC episode on Viceland. But hey, there are only so many minutes in a episode, which is why I am writing this. Hopefully Centreville, will receive its day in the limelight. Honestly, this day may never come but at least anyone who moves here will at least not have to waist there time in finding good places to eat.


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